Has your church started live-streaming all of a sudden or have you been doing so for years? Either way, you are sitting on a gold mine of free organic social media content. Let me explain.

Social Media

A common element shared across most denominations is a sermon during every church service. These sermons are almost always given by the head pastor, priest, minister, or spiritual leader in your faith-based community. In the world of social media, what engages your audience the most is unique video content from members of your own community. It’s simple math.

  1. Livestream = Video
  2. Presenter = Member of your Community
  3. Therefore free organic content.

The only problem with your live stream content is it’s TOO LONG for social media posts! The solution is to give your audience just the parts they want, share the sermon alone, and nothing else. In the video above we cover the basics of how to prepare your sermons on both Mac and PC for social media.

Church Archive

Beyond serving your members on social media, historical preservation of sermons is vital in the development of any faith-based community. In an age where everyone is online saving sermons in an organized fashion can allow members of your faith-based community to learn about the teachings of your church even when service isn’t being held.

Saving sermons online and outside of social media allows for pastors to continue to shepherd their flock and feed the spiritual souls of those who they are responsible for. This can be to the unknowing visitor who needs to hear a message just-in time at midnight or a pastor sending out a particular sermon in a text-blast in the middle of the week.

If your church is looking for a solution to archive your sermons we are pleased to announce our launch of Connected Sermons an affordable plugin for your existing church’s website to preserve and share the gospel message!