Start of Something Great

We promise you we’ll deliver a unique solution the meets your congregation or clients’ needs. Unfortunately, though all projects start with a little bit of research first. We tried to craft this form to fully capture your vision for your project so we can best deliver a final product that you’ll love! No field is marked required so fill out what you are comfortable with, though the more we know now will help expedite the completion of your project.


How We Get Started

  1.  Review some of our past work!
  2. Fill out Design Intake Form (here!)
  3. We’ll reach out with a proposal and project estimate.
  4. Once the proposal is accepted we collect 50% for the project launch and start our four phases to launch!


Phase One – Design: We will generate a high-fidelity mockup of how the core of your website will look. After collaboration on design and design approval, we move to phase two.

Phase Two – Skeleton: At this phase, your entire project is built out with a combination of real and filler content and should resemble close to the design of the final project.

Phase Three – Content: At this phase, we replace all filler text and images with your site’s specific data.

Phase Four – Launch: Upon completion of your site’s design the final 50% of the project is due. At this point, your project will be hosted live if you choose us for ongoing maintenance or we will happily release the source code for you to host yourself.


(Large/medium/small business, Professional firm, Educational Institution, Nonprofit Organization)
Brief history/what do you do?
(or) How do you feel a new website/branding going to help you?
(or) Who do you want to reach?
Please provide a few reference websites who design you appreciate and reasons why. We recommend at least three examples.

Who is our main point of contact?
If not the point of contact, who makes the final decisions?

(learn something, buy something, fill out a form, register, download, share, listen, learn, etc.)
(or) How is your current website/branding falling short?
If you have an exact HEX value for your color options please include those as well.
What integrations do you require?