WordPress For Ministry

At Church Agency our mission is to provide you intuitive, well-crafted WordPress plugins and websites to do your missions.

Connected Sermons

The easiest way to connect your message with your audience. Easily create, organize, and share sermons and videos.

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Project ekklésia

Coming Fall 2022

Project Edison

Fall 2022

WordPress Plugins that work for you, not the other way around.

Doing ministry is a full-time job, the last thing you need is more work. At every stage in our plugins development lifecycle, our top priority is our user’s experience. This is expressed in thoughtful layout designs for your end-users as well as ease of content management by you the administrator.

Let’s Build it Together

Many of the great features that we are proud to offer started out as solutions to tackle the everyday challenges our users face in ministry. Whether it’s a simple suggestion or a bold challenge you’re a crucial part of the product development life-cycle.

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